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Getting the Most out of Your Trial

So you have an idea in mind of a wedding make up style you want to go for but is it right for you? The idea you have in your head may translate to the make up artist differently for better or worse results. Here are some points to remember when you have your trial.

1. Picture perfect

Having pictures and examples of makeup styles you like gives the make up artist an idea of the look you want to acheive. But there are also some great disadvantages with this. Have you worn your make up like this before? If not, are you happy to go with a look that possibly isnt 'you'?

Remember the style of make up might look great on the model in the picture but it might not suit you; after all an outfit that looks great on someone else may not be great on you and the same rule applies to make up.

2. Dont be unrealistic.

Of course we all know how make up can improve the appearance of our skin or how contouring can make our features seem different to how they really are but dont forget there is a limit.  We cant actually plump your lips or make your wrinkles disappear or give you those cheekbones you've always wanted.  We can certainly use the make up to give the appearance that these things happen but our make up brushes are not magical wands.

3. The look... 

When you say you want a 'natural' look are you aware that to a make up artist this is a make up but no make up look? To us its a way of saying i want to look good so cover any blemishes or imperfections but make it look like im not wearing any.

4. To boldly go...

Have you thought about colours? If you go for crazy colours your wedding photos in so many years may look dated.

Take in to account that going for those soft safe colours will make your photos look timeless. 

5.  Use your voice...

Are you being too polite? A lot of people are too scared or embarassed to speak up and say actually id prefer it if my make up was heavier or lighter or even trial a different look. The point of your trial is to find what YOU are after. Its your day, your photos and your money so dont be too shy to say exactly what you want. 

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